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              From "Manufacturing" to "Intelligent Manufacturing" Digitalization

              2019-03-27 01:08:38

              摘要:"In promoting dynamic change, we should shift from relying mainly on material, capital and manpower investment to

              "In promoting dynamic change, we should shift from relying mainly on material, capital and manpower investment to paying more attention to the comprehensive investment in science and technology, system, management and technology, and concentrate on breaking through the"stuck neck"technology and equipment."
              With the wide application of Internet of Things and sensor technology, data acquisition, storage, transmission, display, analysis and optimization have a good technical foundation. In recent years, the tide of digital transformation of equipment manufacturing industry has become unstoppable.
              "In promoting dynamic change, we should shift from relying mainly on material, capital and manpower investment to paying more attention to the comprehensive investment in science and technology, system, management and technology, and concentrate on breaking through the"stuck neck"technology and equipment." Recently, Zhang Jianhua, Director-General of the State Energy Administration, said that compared with the advanced level of the world, our country's ability to innovate in energy science and technology is not strong, some technological facilities are still subject to human beings, the "hollowing" of technology has not been fundamentally solved, and the original achievements of enterprises are still outstanding. Not much, the investment efficiency of innovation is not high. Digital transformation will certainly become a major opportunity for the high-quality development of China's energy equipment industry.
              From "Manufacturing" to "Intelligent Manufacturing"
              Unlike other industries, equipment product development must be closely integrated with users, constantly revised, optimized, improved, and finally completed. This process often takes several years and is costly.
              According to statistics, the cost of developing products and the cost of experimental verification in China's equipment manufacturing industry reaches 1:3-10. This leads to a large number of enterprises unwilling to do experimental verification. In this regard, the chairman of Xinjiang Jinfeng Science and Technology Co., Ltd. mentioned that the transformation and upgrading of China's equipment manufacturing industry should focus on digital transformation, effectively implement the various policy plans put forward by the state, provinces and municipalities to promote the transformation and upgrading of equipment manufacturing industry, actively train relevant talents, and continue to build government, bank and enterprise cooperation. Platform.
              "In the process of digital transformation and upgrading of equipment manufacturing industry, it is extremely undesirable to build cars behind closed doors. All walks of life should play an innovative spirit and strengthen cooperation." In WISCO's view, only by strengthening specialized, standardized, informationized and data-based infrastructure construction, strengthening the combination of physical experiment platform and data simulation, and strengthening the combination of basic data management and data analysis and application, can China's renewable energy equipment move from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing".
              Manufacturing enterprises that are good at deep application of digital technology will win significant competitive advantages. For example, through timely insight into business data such as purchasing, production, inventory, capital, quality, energy consumption, equipment status, etc., enterprises can not only know about the various complex problems in operation management, but also know why; through the collection and analysis of employees'performance, employees can be further motivated. Potential; Customization according to customer needs can improve customer satisfaction; through the collection and analysis of marketing data, we can really know each other in the market and better serve customers.
              Excellent manufacturing enterprises are also committed to the digital transformation of their products, to achieve data acquisition, state awareness and remote control, to improve the added value of products, and to increase service revenue. Data show that China has formed a complete industrial chain in the fields of coal power, nuclear power, coal, oil and gas, renewable energy and power grid, from design, research and development, manufacturing, construction, operation and maintenance to inspection and certification, and has strong international competitiveness.
              "The first task of high-end equipment manufacturing industry in China is to strengthen demand traction, encourage supply-demand docking, construct R&D system and experimental verification system in basic areas, concentrate the strength of industrial chain to break through the constraints of basic areas, and further strengthen the chain on the basis of strong foundation." Shi Yong, vice president of the Institute of Machinery Industry Information, believes that it is necessary to further strengthen the support and guidance of small giant enterprises in the field of industry segmentation, to help them actively dock technology and partners in the dominant areas, to create a community of interests, and to form a chain competitiveness.
              From Creating "Product" to Creating "Value"
              Equipment manufacturing industry undertakes the function of "reservoir" of knowledge and technology. The more sophisticated a country's goods, especially equipment products, and advanced manufacturing technology, the greater the "reservoir" of knowledge and technology, and the greater the possibility of a country's road to prosperity.
              In this regard, Ning Gaoning, chairman of Sinochem Group, believes that the development of Chinese enterprises can no longer continue the traditional way of relying on resources and investment-driven, and can no longer expand in the fields of simple repetition, low-tech content and lack of innovative connotation. Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, the ups and downs of Chinese enterprises show that the only core competitiveness that enterprises possess is technological innovation.
              WISCO said that according to the National Economic and Social Development Statistics Bulletin issued by the National Bureau of Statistics in the past four years (2014-2017), the proportion of the added value of equipment manufacturing industry to the added value of industries above scale was 30.4%, 31.8%, 32.9% and 32.7%, respectively. It is not difficult to find that the equipment manufacturing industry has accounted for a low proportion of the overall industrial growth since 2014, and even has a negative growth by 2017.
              Industry insiders said that with the increasing demand for energy in China, China has also taken a lot of preferential measures for the energy equipment manufacturing industry, and in terms of capital and technology, it also supports the energy equipment manufacturing industry very much. But this kind of support generally supports the spread of new energy equipment manufacturing industry.
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